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Mystery Pack Bundles - 10 Random Unweighed Packs

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Mystery Pack Bundles! 

- 10 random packs from a variety of Pokemon TCG sets such as Eevee Heroes, Evolving Skies & Darkness Ablaze (plus many more from Sun & Moon/Sword & Shield eras). No duplicates.  

- Minimum of 3 English & 3 Japanese booster packs per Mystery Bundle.

- All packs are fresh out of their original, factory sealed booster boxes and have not been weighed. 

- All Mystery Pack Bundles will contain a premium pack from one of the following sets:

Hidden Fates, Tag All Stars, Celebrations, Shiny Star V OR Double Blaze. 

1 in 2.5 Mystery Bundles will contain a Hidden Fates booster pack. 
1 in 5 Mystery Bundles will contain a Tag All Stars booster pack.
1 in 12 Mystery Bundles will contain a Celebrations booster pack.

1 in 25 Mystery Bundles will contain 2 premium packs!